Income Tax Elimination
Fair Tax Supporter

It is my belief that we should eliminate the income tax in Georgia and implement a consumption tax. As a State Representative, I have sponsored legislation to eliminate our state income tax and implement the FairTax.

Gun Rights
GGO & NRA Endorsed

I believe that law abiding citizens, with the exception of the mentally ill and individuals convicted of a violent crime, should be able to own and carry a weapon without a permit from the state or any other governmental authority.

Pro Life
Georgia Right to Life Endorsed
I believe that life begins at conception and that every life is precious. I will work to protect the life of every citizen from conception to natural death. I will work to eliminate any government support, promotion and payments for abortion.

Parents of our state should be able to choose where their child attends school. I support Public Schools, Charter Schools, Parochial Schools, Vouchers, Tax Credits and Scholarship funds to allow parents to decide where their education money is best spent.

Limited Government

I believe that Constitutionally Limited Government is what our forefathers wanted for the United States. We see the overreach of Government every day in our personal lives. The 10th Amendment is our protection from an overbearing Federal government.

Free Market

The Free Market is what has made the United States great over our history and the free market is what can save our economy now; however, we are becoming increasingly over-regulated and the government is impeding our free market economy. It's time to get government out of the way.

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dedicated to protecting Coweta and Fayette values.

David has fought to lower taxes, protect gun rights and stop government overreach.

Working Hard to Protect Georgians

I carefully review each and ever piece of legislation in the General Assembly, I always vote my conscience and don’t worry about the ramifications of doing so.

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