FairTax Advocate Runs For Open GA House Seat

Republican David Stover, a strong supporter of the FairTax, recently announced his candidacy for the open Georgia House seat in the 71st District.  www.votestover.com. This District includes parts of both Coweta and Fayette Counties.  It runs from Palmetto on the north, includes Coweta, Sharpsburg, Turin, and extends  through Moreland on the south.  A date for the election has not been set, but will be determined by Governor Deal soon.  Speculation is that it will be held Tuesday, January 29.

Not only does Stover support the FairTax, but he’s also an advocate for replacing the Georgia state income tax with a consumption based tax code www.votestover.com/issues/taxes-fiscal-responsibility.

Georgia for Fair Tax supports this effort, which already has significant legislative backing, for all of the same reasons that we’ve been advocates of the FairTax at the national level.  Georgia’s economic and job growth depends on it being an attractive place to operate a business.   The elimination of income-based taxes helps that effort.  Two states that border Georgia, Florida and Tennessee, have no state income tax.  We applaud Stover for his stand.

We asked Stover to elaborate on his position and this is what he had to say:

People ask me all the time, why the FairTax? The answer is simple. The day that the FairTax model is implemented on the state level, the citizens of Georgia would enjoy up to a 7% pay increase through the elimination of the state income tax. The FairTax would eliminate business tax, capital gains taxes, investment and dividend taxes, corporate and bank franchise taxes. Additionally, the Fair Tax model does not disenfranchise the poor and those who need government assistance – if fact, it insures that vital programs offering assistance to our citizens in need will be supplemented at a higher level than our current taxation system. The effect of this is an immediate increase in the money supply which will allow businesses to hire more people and families to save more money or spend the money on their children’s education. The bottom line on the FairTax model is that it is a job creator because it taxes consumption – not income. I believe that the enactment of the FairTax model would be an economic boom for the state of Georgia. And when the FairTax is implemented at the national level, along with repeal of the 16th amendment and elimination of the IRS, the economy and job growth will surge as never before! Let’s work together to regain our economic freedom!”

Well said, David.

Written by Bill Fogarty
Original Article: http://www.gafairtax.org/profiles/blogs/fair-tax-advocate-runs-for-open-ga-house-seat

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