Right to Choose, Support Local School Systems

Public Schools

I think that we have a great Public Education System in Coweta County. All three of my daughters went to Coweta County Schools. My children had some of the best teachers available and I attribute much of their success in college to the base education they received while enrolled in Coweta County Schools. We have supported the school system by enrolling our children in Coweta County Public Schools, by paying our property taxes every year, and by spending money in the local Coweta County stores which adds funds to the school system via E-SPLOST.

School Choice

Let’s give the parents of our state the choice as to where their child should attend school. I support Public Schools, Charter Schools, Parochial Schools, Vouchers, Tax Credits and Scholarship funds to allow parents to decide where their education money is best spent. The free market drives our economy and we have the best economy in the world because of it. Allow our free market to drive our education system and America will be #1 in education once more.


The State of Georgia has a responsibility to the current and future students of our state to ensure that HOPE is fully funded. It is time for colleges to stop raising fees and get back to fiscal responsibility so that the HOPE program may stay alive.

College Tuition

College Tuition continues to rise as colleges build more and more resort style campuses out of ever increasing student fees and tuition rates. Tuition must be managed at the rate of inflation and fees need to be limited so that our children are not saddled with debt for 20 years after college.