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Posted on 03/13/2018 In Issues
Eliminate the State Income Tax A+ Rated by Georgia for FairTax Elimination of the State Income Tax It is my belief that we should eliminate [...]
Posted on 03/06/2018 In Issues
Free Markets #1 State in Which to Do Business During my last three terms, Georgia has become the best state in the country in which [...]
Posted on 03/05/2018 In Issues
Right to Choose, Support Local School Systems Public Schools I think that we have a great Public Education System in Coweta County. All three of [...]
Posted on 03/05/2018 In Issues
Constitutionally Limited Government  1st Amendment 2nd Amendment 10th Amendment I believe that Constitutionally Limited Government is what our forefathers wanted for the United States. We see the [...]
Posted on 02/19/2018 In Issues
100% Pro-Life Endorse by GRTL Georgia Life Alliance GRTL I am endorsed by Georgia Right To Life. I believe that life begins at conception and that [...]
Posted on 02/18/2018 In Issues
Protecting Your Gun Rights NRA A+ Rated Endorsed Constitutional Carry Sponsor I will continue to work to restore and protect our gun rights. Constitutional Carry I [...]